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What is Turning Operation?

What is 'Turning Operation'? Turning or Lathe work is the process of cutting parts of the workpiece, which rotate itself made to cut in the lathe. will revolve around itself Then use a turning tool (Insert and Bite) to move…

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All About Drilling and Milling

What is 'Drilling'? Drilling is a process of cutting and drilling a workpiece by using drill bits to “create holes” in the shape of a cylinder. There will be both types that penetrate through the work. and drill a hole…

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Punch And Die Blog Cover

What is Punch and Die

Forming operation is one of the important processes in the cutting tools industry. One of the significant tools for forming is “Punch and Die” What is “Punch and Die”? Punch and die is a type of cutting tool equipment used…

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What Is CVD Diamond?

A ‘CVD Diamond’ is a very useful synthetic diamond in the cutting tools industry. So, what is the ‘CVD’ diamond, and how can we utilize it for improving and developing the cutting operation? What is a CVD diamond? The term…

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CBN Diamond Cover

What Is CBN?

What is CBN? CBN stands for “Cubic Boron Nitride”, which has a cubic-shape crystal, which its carbon is replaced with Boron and Nitrogen. For the most cases, CBN grits are single crystals. However, polycrystalline CBN grits can be used as…

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What Is MCD?

MCD is a very important synthetic diamond in the cutting tools industry. This blog will talk about MCD. What is it, really? And how can we apply MCD for producing great diamond cutting tools? What is MCD? MCD stands for…

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All About PCD Diamonds

What is PCD? PCD is a short term for Polycrystalline Diamond. PCD comes from diamond grits which are fused together in high-pressure and high-temperature condition. Properties of PCD PCD has a hardness value of 5,000 kgf/mm2. With this level of…

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All About Cutting Blades And Knives

All About Cutting Blades In Cutting Tools Industry Shear cutting is one of the important aspects of the industry, and there are various kinds of cutting blades that are useful in different conditions.  What Is a Cutting Blade? A cutting…

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All About Synthetic Diamond For Cutting Tools

In the cutting tools industry, and Top Tech Diamond Tools, synthetic diamonds are used for creating and developing high-performance diamond cutting tools for cutting, turning, drilling, and others to maximize the cutting capability. So, how many types of synthetic diamonds,…

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What is Tungsten Carbide?

In the world of manufacturing industries, especially manufacturing in cutting tools, you might have heard, or heard a lot about “carbide”. But, what is it? And how can it be very impactful in the industrial world? What Is ‘Carbide’? Tungsten…

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