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What Is CBN?

What Is CBN?

What is CBN?

CBN stands for “Cubic Boron Nitride”, which has a cubic-shape crystal, which its carbon is replaced with Boron and Nitrogen. For the most cases, CBN grits are single crystals. However, polycrystalline CBN grits can be used as well, which can make cutting edges sharper and easier to micro-chip.

What Are The Properties Of CBN?

CBN diamond is great for cutting metal that contains iron because when making CBN diamond, Carbon is replaced with Boron and Nitrogen. This causes CBN diamond to be very resistant to high cutting heat of 1300°C. Therefore, it is an optimum choice for using CBN cutting tools for cutting workpieces that contain iron.

However, when compared to PCD or a natural diamond, CBN diamond has a hardness value of 4700 Knoop Hardness, while a natural diamond has a hardness value of 8,000 to 9,000 Knoop Hardness, which is more than CBN diamond.

CBN Overall Specification

Density: 3.48 g/cm3
Hardness: 75–90 GPa
Thermal stability: 1,573–1,673 K
Thermal conductivity: 1.3 kW/m·K
Melting point: 3,500 K (10.5 MPa)


Hardening steel, poeder sintered metal, a gray iron, a case hardening alloy, hard advanced cast iron, superalloy

Why Is CBN Diamond Important And Useful For Cutting Tools?

CBN diamond is used for creating sharp and high quality diamond cutting tools that can cut harder materials. This diamond is very optimum to cutting tools in various aspects;

1. Increase Cutting Performance

With the high hardness from the CBN diamond that is harder than regular metals, they can be used for sharpening the cutting edge(s) of the cutting tools to cut hard materials like iron, metal, stainless, etc.

2. Increase Tool Life Of Cutting Tools


With the hardness, toughness of the CBN diamond that is very optimum for cutting tools, they can greatly increase the tool life of the cutting tools, which can use longer than regular cutting tools, or even carbide cutting tools.

3. Reduce Manufacturing Cost (For Massive Production)

PCD Manufacture Save Cost

For massive production for machine parts in ten-thousand or hundred-thousand pieces, using diamond tools like CBN tools, which make cutting easier, faster, and can be used longer than regular cutting tools, can greatly reduce manufacturing cost for the long run.

How Can We Use The CBN Diamond In Cutting?

These synthetic diamonds are used for creating diamond cutting tools for various applications;

1. Turning

We can use the CBN diamond by adding at the tip of inserts to sharpen the cutting tools for turning. CBN tools are very optimum for cutting workpieces that contain iron because of its structure that has Boron and Nitride, instead of Carbon, which can resist high heat when cutting iron.

2. Cutting

diamond cutting blade

As well as turning, CBN diamond is great for strengthening and sharpening the cutting blades for better cutting, and tool life extension.

3. Milling

As well as other cutting works, CBN diamond is useful for sharpening the cutting edge(s) of milling bits. This also increases the tool life of these cutting tools.


CBN diamond is the powerful synthetic diamond for maximizing the cutting capability. With the right usage and application, CBN diamond can make your cutting works faster and easier. Also, you can extend the tool life, and reduce manufacturing cost of the cutting tools. Top Tech Diamond Tools offers high quality diamond cutting tools from CBN for high quality cutting process to meet customer’s satisfaction in every aspect.


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