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Wide Range of Products

Top Tech Diamond Tools has the capacity to design and produce all kinds of cutting tools from Tungsten Carbide and PCD or CBN Diamond by offerring PCD/CBN drills, milling tools, reamers, inserts and bite. We also produce special punch and die, pin, blade, centerless blade, knife and PCD cutter. These cutting tools are widely used for the automobile industry, aircraft industry, electronics industry and other industries.

Our Products Include;

1. Solid Carbide: Tungsten Carbide Drills, Endmills, Reamers

2. PCD, CBN Inserts and Bites: For Turning Operation

3. PCD, CBN Cutting Tools: For Finishing Work

4. Punch and Die: Made From Tungsten Carbide and Steel

5. Blade and Cutter: Shear Blade, Circular Saw Blade, Centerless Blade For Centerless Grinding

Capacity Improvement Every Year

Every year we invest a great deal of money in upgrading and maintaining our machines to produce high quality diamond tools. Even if when we are facing the challenges, we are still working hard and searching for ways to improve our efficiency. Now we have multi top-class production lines which help us to offer performance tools and extend the range of our products.

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