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PCD Tools

PCD Step Drills / PCD Burnishing Drills / PCD Milling Tools / PCD Reamers

Multi Step PCD tools made to order, specially designed for the finish machining of aluminium, titanium and super alloys for every application tasks. They provide the ultimate in wear resistance and tool life to maximize production efficiencies.

Polycrystalline Diamond, PCD diamond in short, is a very powerpul synthetic diamond for maximizing the cutting quality of our diamond tools. These PCD diamond tools are able to cut faster, longer, and work well in mass production.

Why Top Tech Diamond Tools?

We are specialists in producing high quality and cost-effective cutting tools, including end mills. Since 2002, we have served with quality and a high standard to various companies in the industry such as Mitsubishi Motor, Toyota, Honda, and so on. Furthermore, Top Tech Diamond Tools can also modify and design the tools to specifically suit your needs with lower overall cost per piece and on time delivery worldwide.


Interested in Our Service?

If you are interested in our products and services, or you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact to or fill our contact form via this link.

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