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What Is Punch And Die

What is Punch and Die

Forming operation is one of the important processes in the cutting tools industry. One of the significant tools for forming is “Punch and Die

What is “Punch and Die”?

Punch and die is a type of cutting tool equipment used in punching and forging work, which is a metal forming process that requires high heat. This process needs a ‘punch’ as a pusher on the cutting workpiece, and the die is a secondary object that the punch pushes in. The punch helps the die cut the part of the workpiece that is pushed down by the punch. The cutting edge is located on the die.

If you are unfamiliar with it, think of an “power socket” that has a “plug” and an “outlet.” The socket is a die and the plug is a punch.

What kind of production is suitable for Punch and Die?

The production of parts that use Punch and Die is mostly the production or punching of the workpiece that requires consistency and precision throughout every piece.

Cutting processes for the Punch and Die

1. Blanking


Blanking Punch Die Process

It is the process of creating holes from the workpiece. The smaller workpiece that is cut usually is the part of the work that will be used.

2. Piercing

Piercing Punch Die Process

Like Blanking, it’s the process, but the workpiece that will be used is the part of the workpiece or the smaller workpiece that has been punched.

3. Punching

Punching Punch Die Process

This procedure is similar to the piercing process because the part that will be used is the part that has been punched, but the workpiece that is to be molded will be in a sheet form, and the thickness will be the same as the last work piece that has been cut.

Materials used for producing Punch and Die

1. Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide

Because tungsten carbide is heat resistant and has high compressive strength, this makes it ideal for producing dies for efficient cutting. However, because tungsten carbide is expensive, the cutting die needs to be produced with other materials such as steel, etc.

2. High Speed Steel: HSS




Punch & Die is an indispensable tool for forging work, especially for the type of screw nuts that need to be mass-produced. At Toptech Diamond Tools, we also manufacture Punch & Die equipment made from high speed steel (HSS: High Speed Steel) and tungsten carbide to cover a wide range of manufacturing industries, and meet all needs and satisfaction.


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