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All About Drilling And Milling

All About Drilling and Milling

What is ‘Drilling’?

Drilling is a process of cutting and drilling a workpiece by using drill bits to “create holes” in the shape of a cylinder. There will be both types that penetrate through the work. and drill a hole To be used to hold devices or other workpieces such as door, window, hinge, door latch or various car parts.

Processes used for drilling

1. Drilling

Drilling Process

Drilling process uses drill bits to drill holes in the shape of a “cylindrical” crosswise in the direction of the drill bit being drilled into the hole.

2. Reaming

Reaming Process

Reaming is the finishing work of holes drilled after the drilling process to smooth the surface of the drilled hole. which most of the penetration Often the skin is not smooth enough. The hole drilled from the Drilling process should be “slightly” smaller than the Reamer because the reaming is the same boring hole that needs to be cut off the workpiece. “Just a little”

3. Counter Boring

Counter Boring Process

Counter Boring will drill holes in the workpiece. where the drill bit will drill a hole in the cylinder. It has a cutting layer that is a small cylinder and a large cylinder.

4. Countersinking

Countersinking Process

Countersinking is similar to counter boring but drilling is preliminary. Then bring the drill bit for Counter Boring to drill at the beginning of the hole to form a V-shape at the beginning of the hole.

What is ‘Milling’

Milling is the process of cutting parts. It uses a milling cutter that rotates around itself in place.

Types of milling operation

1. Plain Milling (Slab Milling)

1.1 Upmilling

Upmilling Process

Upmilling, the cutter body rotates counterclockwise.

1.2 Downmilling

Downmilling Process

Downmilling, the cutter body rotates in a clockwise direction.

2. Face Milling

Face Milling Process

3. End Milling

End Milling Process


1. Tungsten Carbide

Carbide Thumb

2. High Speed Steel (HSS)


3. Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD)

Synthetic Diamond


Drilling and milling It is considered very important in the manufacturing industry. This allows us to produce useful and innovative parts that meet people’s needs. Toptech Diamond Tools produces a wide range of quality cutting tools including drills and drills made of tungsten carbide or and also produce special tools that will enhance the PCD diamonds to increase the efficiency and life of these devices.


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