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What Is CVD Diamond?

What Is CVD Diamond?

A ‘CVD Diamond’ is a very useful synthetic diamond in the cutting tools industry. So, what is the ‘CVD’ diamond, and how can we utilize it for improving and developing the cutting operation?

cvd diamond

What is a CVD diamond?

The term CVD stands for Chemical Vapor Deposition, which is actually the name given to a chemical process. This diamond comes from the precipitation of chemical vapors. which is usually produced in a laboratory. Therefore this synthesized diamond will have properties equivalent to “real diamond” up to 99%

CVD Thumb

Properties of the CVD diamond

Because the CVD diamond has the same properties as the real diamond, that makes it the most solid. Compared to other synthetic diamonds used in cutting operation, it has a hardness of 8,500 kgf/mm2, but the CVD diamond is suitable for cutting non-ferrous materials because high temperature in steel cutting will melt the diamond, which makes the diamond tool wear faster. In terms of tool life, it lasts 2-10 times longer than PCD and works approximately 35% better than PCD.

Overall properties of CVD diamond

Types: Roughing, Finishing
Hardness: 8,500 kgf/mm2
Finishing: Bright (Lightly Polishing)
Roughness: 1.30µm to 0.20µm
Tool Life: 2-10 times of PCD
Productivity: +35% of PCD
Remark: Not suitable for Iron

Why Is CVD Diamond Important And Useful For Cutting Tools?

1. Increase Cutting Performance

With the high hardness from the CVD, which is equivalent to the natural diamond, CVD diamonds be utilized for sharpening the cutting edge(s) of the cutting tools to cut hard materials like iron, metal, stainless, etc.

2. Increase Tool Life Of Cutting Tools


With the hardness and toughness of the CVD diamond, which are very optimum for cutting tools, they can greatly increase the tool life of the cutting tools, which can use longer than regular cutting tools, or even carbide cutting tools.

3. Reduce Manufacturing Cost (For Massive Production)

PCD Manufacture Save Cost

For massive production for machine parts in ten-thousand or hundred-thousand pieces, using diamond tools like CVD tools, which make cutting easier, faster, and can be used longer than regular cutting tools, can greatly reduce manufacturing cost for the long run.

How Can We Use The CVD Diamond In Cutting Operation?

1. Utilize as a coating

CVD Drill 2

CVD diamonds are used to coat cutting tool equipment to strengthen and help reduce friction during use. Moreover, when used for a long time, the cutting edge of the tools will be sharper. This is usually coated on cutting tools made of tungsten carbide, but when the CVD coated body is worn off, it will cause the cutting edge to wear faster than before when used.


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