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All About Cutting Blades And Knives

All About Cutting Blades And Knives

All About Cutting Blades In Cutting Tools Industry

Shear cutting is one of the important aspects of the industry, and there are various kinds of cutting blades that are useful in different conditions. 

diamond cutting blade

What Is a Cutting Blade?

A cutting blade is a part of tools or machines for cutting, chop, slice, or scrape surfaces or materials of a workpiece. Every cutting blade is made from materials that are harder than the cutting workpiece. Nowadays, these blades are mostly made of metal or ceramic to make them more versatile and durable for longer usage.

Types of Cutting Blades

1. Shear Blade

guillotine shear blade cutter

This type is the most common in cutting blades. This blade usually has one cutting edge, and holes at the middle for gripping or holding with the cutting machine, and this blade usually cuts in a horizontal direction. A good cutting blade must cut a workpiece smoothly in a single move, so it will not cost any harsh friction or high heat like circular saw blades.


  • Various application such as metal, paper, and plastic cutting

2. Circular Saw Blade

circular saw blade

This type of cutting blade has a hole in the middle of the blade to grip or hold with a cutting machine, and it moves in a rotating direction. This blade is mostly used in wood cutting, but it can be also used for cutting metal blocks that create medium-high heat.


  • Wood / log cutting
  • Metal cutting that create medium-high heat

3. Disc Blade

This type of blade is similar to the circular saw blade that has circular shape, and has a hole in the middle, but this disc blade has a smoother cutting edge.


  • Mostly use in cutting paper, plastic, and textile
  • Not widely used in metal cutting, but can be modified for metal cutting

4. Centerless Blade

Centerless Blade

This kind of blade is different from others. A centerless blade is used with a centerless grinder, and this blade is placed at the center between 2 circular grinding blades. This blade carries a workpiece for grinding with the centerless grinder.


  • Use as a workpiece carrier for centerless grinding by the centerless grinder

What Are Materials Used For Making Cutting Blades?

1. Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is synthesis metal from Tungsten and Carbon, which is widely used in producing cutting tools because of its hardness that is higher than any typical metals, only just below a diamond. However, tungsten carbide is not really good at cutting metal with iron mixture. If you really need to use carbide, you need to fuse it with Titanium Carbide (TiC) and Tantalum Carbide (TaC), or use a synthetic diamond such as MCD, PCD, CBN, or CVD together with carbide.

2. High Speed Steel

High speed steel (HSS) is really famous for making cutting tools. Because of its high heat resistance, high speed steel is suitable for metal cutting that causes high friction.

3. Synthesis Diamond (MCD, PCD, CBN, CVD)

Synthetic Diamond MCD

We can use the synthetic diamond like PCD, MCD, CBN or CVD to sharpen the cutting edge and increase the cutting efficiency. This also improves tool life of the blade, and reduces manufacturing cost for massive production.


These cutting blades are important in the industry, and they need great attention to details and quality. With the right material and proper application, we can maximize the cutting capability to the next level. At Top Tech Diamond Tools, we provide designing, manufacturing, and regrinding service to create high quality cutting blades, which will make cutting easier, smoother, more efficient, and also greatly reduce manufacturing cost.


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