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Blades And Knives For Seafood Industry

Blades And Knives For Seafood Industry


The type of blade required for seafood applications will vary based on the task at hand. At Toptech Diamond Tools, we offer several types of fish processing blades. You can choose a blade for cutting a whole fish or gutting them without the head and fins. We also manufacture blades for slicing whole fish after de-heading and gutting, as well as for fileting with or without ribs or skin.

However, in some curcumstances, the fish may require additional processing, as is often the case with freshwater species. We can also provide high-quality fish processing blades for these applications.


Specific examples of the applications of fish processing blades include:


The head comprises up to 20% of a fish’s weight and offers little value because it is inedible. Knives are available for manual de-heading tasks, which is the accepted process with freshwater fish, mainly due to the lack of affordable machinery. De-heading fish in a machine is a more practical option, but it requires a higher degree of mechanization.


Gutting is necessary for removing the internal organs and body parts. Manual gutting is generally not performed in commercial fish and seafood processing operations due to the additional time and labor costs and the potential safety hazards. Specialized gutting machines can expose the innards by making a downward cut through the belly. Vacuum suction equipment can then remove the guts cleanly and efficiently.

Fin removal

A manual fish processing knife, mechanized scissors or a rotating disc knife can cut away fins from the fish’s body. A less labor-intensive practice is the use of an automated fish processing machine knife consisting of rotating blades, which can execute the task faster and more efficiently.


Fileting is another area where fish processing blades and knives are useful. While manual fileting is a common practice, it is extremely labor-intensive and requires a substantial amount of skill. Fileting machines are available that work well when processing saltwater fish. However, they’re not well-suited for freshwater species. These machines are also expensive, which can make them cost-prohibitive for smaller fish processing operations. Machines can also cut through the ribs of boned freshwater fileted fish.


The skinning of freshwater fish is a relatively new technique in processing plants. It’s possible to skin fish manually using a sharp knife and a flat board. The worker removes the skin by running the knife in a downward direction between the skin and body. Automated skinning tools that feature an oscillating knife powered by an electric motor and compression springs are also available.

Making fish steaks

It’s also possible to slice de-headed whole fish to make steaks of various sizes. When working with small and medium-sized fish, a knife or band saw typically provides the best cutting results. On the other hand, larger fish generally possess solid backbones that make hand or band-saw cutting difficult, if not impossible. Multiple rotating circular saws and an automated cutter are usually required to slice through hard bone when handling the larger species.

What Are Materials Used For Making Blades?

1. ทังสเตนคาร์ไบด์ (Tungsten Carbide)

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is synthesis metal from Tungsten and Carbon, which is widely used in producing cutting tools because of its hardness that is higher than any typical metals, only just below a diamond.

2. เหล็กกล้าความเร็วสูง (High Speed Steel)

เหล็กกล้าความเร็วสูง (High Speed Steel: HSS) เป็นเหล็กที่นิยมใช้ในการผลิตเครื่องมือตัด เนื่องด้วยการทนความร้อนสูง จึงเหมาะกับงานตัดเหล็กที่เกิดการเสียดสีสูง

3. เพชรสังเคราะห์ เช่น MCD, PCD, CBN หรือ CVD

Synthetic Diamond MCD

We can use the synthetic diamond like PCD, MCD, CBN or CVD to sharpen the cutting edge and increase the cutting efficiency. This also improves tool life of the blade, and reduces seafood processing cost for massive production.


These cutting blades are important in the seafood industry, and they need great attention to details and quality. With the right material and proper application, we can maximize the seafood production capability to the next level. At Top Tech Diamond Tools, we provide designing, manufacturing, and regrinding service to create high quality cutting blades, which will make cutting easier, smoother, more efficient, and also greatly reduce manufacturing cost.


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